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The homicide rate is highest in zones 1, 3, 6, 8 and Though the zone data can be useful, its lack of precision presents some problems. The city's divisions are large and diverse. Presenting an entire zone as safe ignores dangerous areas that exist in every sector. Conversely, some zones known to struggle with violence do have some well-developed, relatively safe areas that offer lucrative opportunities.

Understanding where the red areas are within those zones and where they are not is as important to principals as it is to their security managers.

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Finding this data can also be a challenge. But in Guatemala City, it is available from an unconventional source: Package delivery services, taxi companies and fast-food restaurants that deliver have access to large data sets based on the direct observations of their staffs. Most embassies, nongovernmental organizations and international corporations tend to overlook this treasure trove of knowledge. Not only do local drivers and deliverers interact with residents and businesspeople, they also observe the nature and safety of transit through all areas of the city.

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This makes their information up to date, comparatively precise and, thanks to the internet, sometimes available globally. Two examples taken from a parcel delivery service in Guatemala illustrate this point.

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Zone 14, known as a relatively safe area, is home to diplomatic missions and upscale shopping, yet it contains two red zones. And Zone 18 is not completely prohibitive for local delivery services as one might expect in the home to Barrio 18, one of the world's most violent drug gangs. This type of information is increasingly common and may be available for any major city globally because mobile phones have increased the ease and quality of reporting and the compilation of geographic data.

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