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Eve was a woman of many firsts. She was the first woman, she was the first wife, and she was the first mother.

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She is the only woman who was ever made without a mother or a father. They are the only ones with no bellybuttons! The Bible tells us that Eve was created with Adam in the image of God, she was commanded with Adam to rule over the world, she was commissioned with Adam to be fruitful and multiply, and she was created from Adam to be a partner for him.

Eve was also the first to fall into sin. She was deceived by Satan into disobeying God, and then she convinced Adam to join her in her sin. When God confronted her, she blamed the serpent, refusing at first to take responsibility for her sin. Eve was a woman who knew and understood loss.

She experienced the loss of innocence when she disobeyed God in Eden. She experienced the loss of paradise when God removed her and Adam from the garden. She experienced the loss of her son Abel when he was murdered by Cain. Worst of all she experienced the loss of unhindered relationship with God which she and Adam had enjoyed in the garden.

Our text this morning is a bold proclamation of hope in the face of such terrible losses. Genesis records the naming of Eve by Adam after the fall. And he did this because she would become the mother of all the living. First of all she is the mother of all the physically living.

Mother's Day: Godly Women

Secondly, she is the mother of all the spiritually living. And then thirdly, she is the mother of Christ the Savior. First of all, Eve is the mother of all the physically living.

This was back in Genesis 1 when God created, and after each act of creation God pronounced that what he had created was good. He created the first man and woman and from them would come all other human beings. They would come together as husband and wife, they would bear children, and their children would bear children, and so they would fill the earth with humans created in the image of God to the glory of God.

That was the plan. Then sin intervened. Adam and Eve disobeyed God, and suddenly for the first time they experienced shame, guilt and fear. When God came looking for them in the garden, they hid from him for fear that their sin would be exposed.

When God confronted them with their sin, Adam blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the serpent. And then God judged all three. He pronounced a curse upon the serpent. Genesis Now these were strong judgments for sin, but in the midst of them, Adam heard a word of hope. He was Adam, representative of all mankind. All men and women were now under a death sentence because of him and his sin. Like him they would all return to the ground. But the word of hope was this. His wife would experience pain in childbearing, but that meant she would still bear children.

God had pronounced judgment for sin, but in his mercy he had not abandoned the human race. God was not going to start over with someone else. Now of course Eve was not the mother of Adam, but she would be the mother of all the physically living to come. She would be the mother of the whole human race.

Eve is the mother of all the physically living. And in that sense she is the mother of us all. So Eve is first of all the mother of all the physically living. There would be enmity between the offspring of the serpent and the offspring of the woman. He is an adversary. So the offspring of the serpent are not snakes. And so we must take it in the spiritual sense of only those people who love and follow God.

The Bible often speaks of the righteous and the wicked. The righteous are those who love and follow God, and the wicked are those who do not. And so we have these two groups of people pictured in Genesis the offspring of Satan, and the offspring of Eve. And there is a great spiritual battle that goes on between the two. The battle continues to the present day but it began back in Genesis as soon as Eve bore her first children. In Genesis 4 Eve gives birth to Cain and Abel.

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It is a sign of things to come. Meanwhile Adam and Eve have another son.

Christian Woman Inspiring Sermon

The commercialization of the American holiday began very early, and only nine years after the first official Mother's Day it had become so rampant that Anna Jarvis herself became a major opponent of what the holiday had become, [24] [30] spending all her inheritance and the rest of her life fighting what she saw as an abuse of the celebration. She was arrested in for disturbing the peace while protesting against the commercialization of Mother's Day, and she finally said that she " Mother's Day is now one of the most commercially successful American occasions, having become the most popular day of the year to dine out at a restaurant in the United States [31] and generating a significant portion of the U.

There is a touching moment in Romans 16 that chokes me up nearly every time I think about it.

Commercialization has ensured that the holiday has continued, while other holidays from the same time, such as Children's Day and Temperance Sunday, [34] are no longer celebrated. From —, The Players Championship men's golf tournament was held on Mother's Day weekend, except in and when May 1 fell on a Sunday. In those cases, it was held the next weekend. Previously, the Kingsmill Championship women's golf tournament was played on Mother's Day weekend from to Mothers around the world on Mother's Day at Wikinews.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mother's Day Examples of handmade Mother's Day gifts.

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Ellsworth Kalas October 19, Westminster John Knox Press. Church attendance on this day is likely to be third only to Christmas Eve and Easter. Some worshipers still celebrate with carnations, colored if the mother is living and white if she is deceased. Encyclopedia of Motherhood. Sage Publications CA. That same afternoon, 15, people attended a Mother's Day service at the Wanamaker Store Auditorium in Philadelphia, which she also organized. Jarvis chose the second Sunday in May for Mother's Day to mark the anniversary of her mother's death and selected her mother's favorite flower, the white carnation, as the day's official emblem.

Sage Publications. In Joseph M. Hawes, Elizabeth F. Shores ed. The family in America: an encyclopedia 3, illustrated ed.